Jubilee Majo Affirmative Poetry class: February 6 – March 13

Affirmation – the right nice thing said at the right moment – has big power to help people wake up and see their own beauty.

Poetic expression – saying things in interesting, fresh or beautiful ways – can better get through to people.

I will be teaching you ten keys for this kind of poetry, which will make it much more concrete – and help you to really know and understand what you are doing.  We will also play a lot and have fun.lets-play_brand_logo_bid

“Ten keys for Affirmative Poetry – and for life.  Learn them in one class – practice them for life.”

The class will run Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30: February 6, 13, and 27 and March 6 and 13 – skip February 20.  It will happen at Jubilee (46 Wall St.) and is open to all.  (Ask me about my exciting storytelling on Feb. 20.) 

Free intro session Monday, 2/4 at Jubilee – to try it out and answer your questions. 

Suggested Donation of $20 per session, but no one turned away for lack of funds.

Questions? heymajo@gmail.com or 828-582-9822 or here.

2 thoughts on “Jubilee Majo Affirmative Poetry class: February 6 – March 13

  1. Hey Majo!
    This is Meredith…wondering if there is still room in your class tonight for more participants and if so does it matter if we could not come to the introductory session? Also what time does it start? I would really like to participate but am i Marshall with my son each Wednesday until 6:30pm and would probably not be able to make it until 7:15 ish and wonderinf it that would be ok or if it would be disruptive?


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