Poetic expression

Many or most of us tend to blow off even wonderful affirmations we get from others.  I have always said that for me most affirmation is like water rolling off a duck’s back.  For an affirmation to really stick with us, it doesn’t need to be a fully formed poem, but some kind of poetic expression – fresh, interesting, creative, or beautiful language – can help.
In the poem that I’m delivering at Jubilee on January 27, I have the protagonist say:
Wait, i get it
You need to see me clearly
Clearer than I see myself
And you need to reflect it back to me
In ways that I can hear
That I can’t deny
But who can do that?
You need to be a pretty special person
Or rather you need to tap into a special wellspring of light
But you know what’s more?
You’re going to have a hard time getting through to me
If you’re reading me a list
I don’t want an essay, I want a poem
I want you to do an end run around my rational mind
To slip it in under the radar
I don’t want logic, I want beauty
I don’t want an argument, I want a song
I don’t want a  powerpoint presentation
I want a dance
We will learn how to dance our affirmations in the Majo Affirmative Poetry course.

4 thoughts on “Poetic expression

  1. Sounds great. Although I think an affirmation can be a smile or a hug.. I’m open to the vehicle of the message being a poem. ( Or a dance or a song… or a smile or a hug. )
    The class sounds fun although I’ve never created a poem…:) Lisa


    1. I think you’re totally right about an affirmation being a smile or a hug. I have been talking more about “poetic expression” as a way of saying that this course can be right for you if you never have written anything you would call a poem. You don’t have to!

      And on Sunday at Jubilee I’m offering a 4-minute poem about an affirmation being a song or a dance – accompanied by a wonderful electric guitar! I’m hoping to get a good video of it and post that on Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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