Majo’s blogs (click on title):

Write Me a Poem – on-demand poetry

My Buddy’s Blog – celebrating the relationship between people and dogs

Real life in the checkout line – observations of a grocery store cashier
Not getting much action since I left my seven years as a grocery store cashier six months ago, but if you work as a customer server, buy groceries or deal with cashiers anywhere, it is so worth reading.

Releasing the Force: Activism with Heart – social activism fueled by love
Not as active now as at the height of my social activism a couple of years ago, but I still add to it, hold it close to my heart and recommend it to anyone who is on the front line of political activism or wants to get involved without losing their soul.

Bipolar Integrity – for my cohort and those who try to help, love or live with us.
An older blog (2014), but potentially very valuable to any of the above.


Majo’s poetry book: Something Rises, 95 pages, 2015.  Loaded with awesomeness, I am really proud of it.  $17 plus $3 shipping and handling.  See Contact page.