The four “Why”s

There are at least four reasons for learning to create and offer Affirmative Poetry:

  1. Maybe the greatest source of human pain is not knowing who we really are.
  2. The most powerful way to be woken up from the sleep of not knowing who we really are is to have someone in front of us reflecting the full truth of how beautiful we are.
  3. Most of us are good at blowing off affirmations – even really strong ones.  They will have more chance of really landing – of having a powerful impact – if they come in some creative package: dance, song, drama, poetry/poetic expression, etc.
    dance 2
  4. In the process of creating affirmative poetry/poetic expression for others, inevitably the positivity of that act attaches to us. It may actually be impossible, as my therapist used to say, to give a genuine affirmation to someone else that is not also true about us.

Becoming a poet?

Affirmative Poetry does not mean that you have to become a poet – or ever create a finished poem.beatnik poet

  1. Your form of Affirmative Poetry may be more in the vein of “poetic expression” – fun, fresh, interesting, creative or beautiful words.
  2. The issue is not to “become a poet”, but to go to the place where poetry lies.  To learn how to make yourself receptive – to be a channel for Spirit.  I am not a brilliant poet, though some of the stuff that comes through me is kind of brilliant.  It’s just that in the area of poetry I have pretty much learned how to surrender to Spirit.  It’s the most spiritual experience i have, is to be taken over by something bigger and better than me.