majo with goat
Majo with a baby goat. He’s a huge believer in kinship with all life (click) and a part-time pet sitter.  One of his goals is to be the go-to chicken sitter for all of the Montford neighborhood.

Majo John Madden had two careers before moving to Asheville 14 years ago.  He worked as a Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist for 20 years.  Besides practicing psychotherapy and couple counseling in clinics and in private practice, he designed and facilitated a wide variety of personal growth workshops.  Then, as on organization development management consultant for the next fifteen years, he designed and facilitated workshops on management skills, communication skills, team building, gender/racial/sexual orientation diversity and more.

Majo has been writing poetry since third grade. His poetry really took off when he moved to Asheville 14 years ago.  That year was the first time he felt ready to risk calling himself a writer or a poet. He has been performing his poetry at Jubilee Community Church four times a year for these fourteen years – frequently with musicians.  Five years ago he offered a public poetry concert with fellow poet Tracy Schmidt and seven musicians – which drew 150 people.  He is prolific blogger – several of his blogs are listed in another page.

For the last three years, he has been focusing on improv poetry.  He busks “poetry on demand” in several locations around town.

This class feels like the culmination of all he has done personally and professionally to this point. He decided at age 22 that affirmations felt or thought but not expressed is one of the saddest wastes there is – and since then has devoted himself to affirming people in ways that reach them.  In his work as a poetry street busker, most of the poems he writes for people are affirmation poems.  “If the job is to teach people how to affirm each other in poetic ways that get around the rational mind and slide into the person’s heart, then I’m the person to do it.” This work is in its early stages – class locations are in another page.

He also loves dogs an awful lot, including his new five year old chihuahua Panchita aka Pancho, featured below.  He writes a blog on the relationship between people and dogs, named after his earlier poodle mix beauty Buddy: My Buddy’s Blog.

on back
The noble chihuahua, Majo’s totally loyal Mexican sidekick Pancho (“Oh, Pancho!”).